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Yes, it’s me! I haven’t posted in forever, I know, and I’d like to get back into it. God continues to move in my life and I hope to resume sharing here again about this journey He has me on. Would you do me a huge favor? Would you PLEASE leave a comment below, so […]

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The Truest Love: A Comparison of the Gay and Christian Communities

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My Marriage, Another Mistake, the “D word” and Counseling

My primary struggle, now that the habitual sexual sin is behind me (only by the power of God!) is in developing a relationship with my wife. I’m frustrated to say that I have made much less progress on that front than I have in stopping the sexual sin and in growing my relationship with God. […]

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You’re Only As Sick As Your Secrets

“You’re Only As Sick As Your Secrets.” That’s a common phrase in recovery circles. We are sick (addicted, stuck in besetting sin, miserable, not moving forward, failing in life, hurting those who love us) because we can’t bring ourselves to do the very hardest thing we may ever do: tell someone about our problem(s). If […]

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New Addictions, Balance and Setting Priorities or, “Be Mary, Not Martha”

I’ve heard it said that, when a person gives up one addiction, he often finds another one. Maybe he gives up alcohol, but ends up in a drug addiction. I gave up my sexual addiction, and I’ve been looking for evidence of others. I think I’ve found one. Or, rather, my wife has. Earlier this […]

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Is Finding Someone Attractive A Sin?

My pastor preached a sermon that made a huge difference for me in how I looked at other men. I had been under the impression that seeing a man and realizing he was attractive in some way is wrong. Well, he said that finding someone attractive isn’t wrong at all. It’s, in fact, natural. We […]

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What, Me Worry? God’s Got This!

This is a slightly edited version of an email I sent to a friend in another state a couple of months ago. He was going through an excruciatingly difficult time, being unemployed and unable to finish his schooling (to prepare for a new career) while he cared for his ailing mother. She has since passed […]

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Child #3

I called this post “Child #3”, because that would have been his birth order. I call this baby “him” because my wife is convinced he is a boy. My wife was expecting, and I went with a friend from church to a concert at a church about 90 minutes away from our home. This, in […]

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Powerful Video on the Devastation of Porn…Worth a Watch!

This is a video of a young man who wrote this spoken word performance to his younger self…his younger self who started looking at porn. It’s a powerful warning, it’s true, it’s honest, and it might just reach our young guys in a way that a sermon might not.

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